From 7 to 12 years old worked for the forbidden photographic studio closed for the nude images of children Lsstudios: Maya the favorite model of the Orcs of the net speaks

Our international survey finds wide feedback and not in the dark web

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On February 9, 2020, Digital Matrix carried out an international survey of LsStudios. All this was born from the research carried out in the Dark Web that still offers the images taken by the Ukrainian photographic studio, where entire families gave their children to Alexander Crushin who immortalized them in nude shots with particular themes. After half a million audiovisual content and images, the FBI closed the activity and arrested Crurshin. Since then the web, not only the dark one, is full of photos of the girls who put themselves on display without constraint and under the protection of their parents. The motivation that drove the relatives of the underage models was certainly of an economic nature. The shots and photo shoots were paid handsomely for the area and time. 

Eight months after the investigation, we were contacted by the queen of LsStudios, Maya, author of a myriad of photo shoots who asked me to remove the photo of her as a child from when she worked in the field of modelling and then we took the opportunity to ask her for an interview to better understand the phenomenon that has become a legend after years for all those who are looking for illegal content in the dark web. Also here, as happened in the February survey, it is right to make a technical clarification. 

Although any activity of reproduction of contents that emphasize the malicious aspect of children is ethically wrong, the nude photos represent the excuse of paedophiles not to be affected by the Law Enforcement, which however often see in these activities crimes of child pornography that, let's remember it, deals with explicit sex with children. What led to the closure of LsStudios, in addition to the size reached by the phenomenon commercially at a global level that was in conflict with many laws of the various countries, were rumors that described abuse of some girls engaged in photo shoots.

It couldn't have gone better for all those who wanted to hear the truth from the mouth of one or more of the protagonists, Maya today talks about the past and does so at an age over 18 where she works in the field of adult modeling through the platform FORBIDDEN TO MINORS owned by her.

Before reading this interview it is even more necessary to warn the reader that what will be read in the next lines is a point of view that can be shared or not, but we know that everyone is master of his actions and thoughts.

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Tell us about yourself and your family when and how you came to school and at what age.

My family saw the advertisement on television for the models. I thought it would be fun and the parents agreed, so at the age of 7, we went to take pictures. My parents were present in the photo sessions, always!

How was your work inside LsStudios? How many photos did you take for them? And how many people from the studios did you work with?

I am not sure how many photos and videos were taken in total, but hundreds of photos! The studio always had people doing makeup and combing and photographing women for the shoot. It was like playing for fun, trying on different costumes and listening to music with dance!

They made custom costumes for each set of photos and they also had people who tailored each model's clothes.

Did you just pose or were you involved in nude photos?

All the photos and videos at LS Studios include nude photos, but I didn't think about producing perverse images, it all seemed like a game to me and it was fun. I was never told to excite people!

How long did you work with them? And what was the reason that drove you to leave the studio?

From 7 years to 12 then I stopped because my body was more and more like a woman's and I started to get embarrassed when people in my school saw the photos and videos. This is what led me to really stop.

Some rumors said that in the photo studios some children have been sexually abused. Can you confirm this? Perhaps with some personal experience or stories of another child involved.

I am not sure that such a thing happened with other models. I know it did not happen with me, but my image was treated differently, like a star, because I was the most sought-after model of all LS models. Despite this, I have never heard that a model has had sex with other people. I repeat, it was a playtime for the models. We had clothes done, makeup, hair, and we had fun for an hour.

After so much time, what do you think about working in studies and, in fact, with an adult mind, would you do it again? Have you or your parents ever thought about doing something illegal?

There has never been a single illegal thing with videos and photos taken at the beginning. The laws at the time were different, there was nothing but the game, even though it looked like mine was posed for a photo, it was real, but not like that. What if I did it again? I don't know, probably, it was fun for me. My mother was always with me and watched all the photos and videos before she left.

Now she works in the field of adult entertainment and writes in her biography that she was a model Ls, did she find any users from the past? If so, how do they react by looking at her older?

Almost all my members are men who remember me in LS Studios

After your experience at LS did you stop posing or did you continue to do so in another firm?

After the model I started a normal life, manicurist school.

What do you think about people who love small models? This type of activity undertaken over the years by ls, can it be considered child pornography?

The beautiful images of naked people, no matter the age, are art. Only your mind and your desire make you think differently. There are many models in the world, some old, some young, some young, some still naked, some still in costume. Your mind tells you what you see. I could see one thing, you see a different thing, this is art.

Are you in contact with other models or with some people on the staff? Or has someone taken his way?

I know some of them here but we don't talk, I don't know where they live or what they do in life. Some get married, others disappear.

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