Renzi trembles not only for the Boschi and the Father, but saves Bonafede because he knows that the USA will strike the Italian Democrats. EXCLUSIVE - Occhionero: Trump's revenge shakes Italian Politics, Judiciary and Intelligence

After the accusations of political pollution, the Magistrates are facing the infiltration of the Spies. What state?

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In February 2020 Matrice Digitale was the protagonist of an international exclusive that announced Matteo Renzi's fear for a possible American retaliation because of his leading role in RussiaGate. In May, an overseas storm arrived that brought with it so much water that it could extinguish fires, but at the same time degenerate into a hurricane. Italy is under political pressure and Trump is at the election verdict for reconfirmation in the White House. As chance would have it, his challenger Joe Biden has had a public endorsment of Obama, the latter accused by Trump himself of having been the author of an international conspiracy to pave the way for Clinton, thanks to Mifsud, Renzi and Carrai. After having retraced the whole story in this article, we now ask Giulio Occhionero, engineer and protagonist of the most compelling Italian spy story of the last few years "Eye Pyramid", who gives us an overall view of what is happening in the USA and how Italy is concerned about its political stability despite the fact that both the Government and the Opposition have taken a united front to protect Renzi and the protagonists of the Russian mail scandal, which has been holding out for years on the stability of Trump himself. In this affair of spies and politicians, there seems to be a leading role played by men of the judiciary, who would have paved the way not only for the political component AntiTrump, but also penalized some strategic projects of the Bel Paese such as the port of Taranto. After the Bonafede scandal, many people wonder if the counterpart promised to the savior Renzi did not also include protection from the wrath of Trump, in addition to the usual much whispered attention to his father and the Boschi.

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Can you explain the reason Trump has against Obama and what certainties he's basing it on? And why Italy?    


It's hard to get the information President Trump has. However, elements about Italy are multiplying day by day, and so are the connections with the PD governments of the time. From the unmasking requests about General Flynn, inexplicably launched from the U.S. Embassy in Rome, to the embarrassing position of the Italian government on Prof. Mifsud, to the endorsements of the head of the FBI in Rome Kieran Ramsey (who is still the one who refused to testify in my trial) for the appointment of Marco Carrai as director of Italian cyber security; I'd say there's an embarrassment of choice. But this is probably nothing compared to what Washington has yet.


Let's be clear, could it be a pre-election move of the "barking can't bite" type? In a nutshell, as Obama's supporters say? 


It's an observation that was made to me by a number of people, even very deep in the subject matter. I believe, however, that any retaliation in this area is often erroneously framed within the personal, perhaps emotional, sphere of individuals. I would point out to you that a head of government who tolerated a manifest attempt to sabotage his office, by means of infiltrators of a foreign government, would be vilifying the same democratic system that installed him.


In the Renzi government, Cantone's presence at the ANAC was strong, present among other things at Obama's famous dinner, then disappeared from media visibility. Subsequently, the Palamara axis - Irons and lots at the CSM was discovered: the right hand and the left hand together. All details that to date seem more relevant in the light of the Trump affair and that highlight not only the atavistic relationship between judiciary and politics, but shed light on a higher level composed of judiciary and intelligence. Is my analysis wrong, or is it possible that the major judiciary-investigator power in Italy is subject to foreign pressure, with all the risks that may arise for Italian citizens?


The relations between the judiciary and intelligence, further facilitated by the Renzi government decree of November 2015, are one of the most embarrassing aspects on which the Italian judiciary is very careful to maintain secrecy. It is enough to think of all the times in which the intelligence aspect is used as an argument to circumvent an abuse in the investigation; abuse that would be prevented by a normal application of the Penal Code. In essence, the phrase "this is a matter of national security" has now become an all-weather formula. With immediate concern about how this is used against political opponents. In one of my many correspondences, in the Perugia Public Prosecutor's Office, I pointed out how our defensive investigations had led to the discovery of elements such that the risk of the Italian judiciary pursuing political aims was "outdated". In fact, there are concrete elements to assert that some magistrates are already working in foreign policy. With regard, therefore, to Dr. Cantone, I think the question to ask him is about his relationship with the office of Victoria Nuland, a great promoter of the Russiagate at the U.S. Department of State, as well as a personal friend of former Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

At the moment it seems that the accusation made by the Public Prosecutor's Office of Rome against you has struck and sunk in the first instance, but you have managed to submit for evaluation for possible disciplinary proceedings some state men, whose investigations are being verified by PM Narducci. In your opinion, has a principle of self-protection been established between the servants of the country, or, if there is American pressure, will it be possible to ascertain with more zeal possible culpability?


At the moment, there are several proceedings at the Perugia Public Prosecutor's Office, which have arisen as a result of our complaints. With regard to the miraculous request for dismissal, unusually made in a preliminary hearing by GUP Valerio D'Andria, in favour of Dr. Albamonte, I find the statements made by Judge D'Andria embarrassing and irresponsible. The judge's thesis would be that Albamonte and CNAIPIC agents have acted lawfully in implementing a prolonged hacking activity of computer systems located on American territory. We will submit Judge D'Andria's preaching to the American judicial authority.


Usually, when you "take down" a person deemed "key" in a particular trial, you collect a bounty. Is there anyone who has had any personal success after the Eye-Pyramid investigation who still sees her involved?   


I would say that in this case the events did not allow to collect something to the promoters of the plot to overthrow Trump. However, it is more than evident that such individuals would have collected a large bounty if the design had materialized. And we're talking about an attempted coup. As for Dr. Albamonte, however, it seems to me that at that time he was elected to head the ANM, with only one vote out. If it hadn't been for the EyePyramid investigation, he probably wouldn't have even gotten that position.


One thing, however, must be acknowledged by conspiracy fans. The hashtag #ObamaGate in a few hours has totaled a lot of tweets that have thrown it in trend on Twitter, but in Italy it seems that nothing happened in those days, why do you think this silence from the media and the main political actors of the Bel Paese?  


I think that in the future the Italian mainstream press should have the good taste to avoid contesting the behaviour of those who are victims of criminal associations, considering that, first of all, the Italian press is silent on much more serious facts; and it is not even clear what is the threat that would lead it to silence.

In the first interview he gave me, he told me that at the time of the investigation he was involved with some companies close to the American government in the port of Taranto. Rumor has it that that port of call will be "sold" to the Chinese. Let's say that in this case we lost both Obama's and Trump's America, don't you think? Or is there something we don't know about Obama's America and China?


I believe that sabotaging the second public work in Italy (the first was supposed to be the bridge over the Strait of Messina, which was never done), which was entirely financed by important private Anglo-Saxon banks, was only the first step towards a situation of economic suffocation; suffocation such as to force a subsequent underselling of a strategic asset. By the way, someone should always ask Dr. Albamonte why he himself had such a great interest in the Port of Taranto; and why the Director of the Postal Police Roberto Di Legami himself (removed the evening after our arrest), proudly showed the folders of our project for the Port of Taranto to the press. I still haven't understood the importance of a primary Italian infrastructural project in the cyber matter.


Let's go back to the plots. By the way, Renzi and Carrai are still a steady couple, the former premier is in the government of the country and has entered the magic circle of Obama, Blair and Bildeberg, what are the chances that in front of any responsibility will fall on his feet again this time? 


In my opinion, none.


However, the thing that doesn't fit me is the attitude of the right on the subject, if Salvini is dumb, because he is branded as more Russian than pro-American, Meloni instead should expose himself because he always refers to the Atlantic Pact, what is the reason for all this silence on a matter that could give him a double benefit? To bring down the government because of Renzi and put the Senator of Italy Viva out of the picture as aspiring leader of the country. 


I feel a strong disturbance in witnessing the clumsy practice of silence by illustrious exponents of the Italian centre-right, on the subject of SpyGate against Trump. At best, it is a state of strong ideological confusion of the Italian right wing. At worst, it is a matter of reprehensible relations between exponents of the Italian centre-right and primary actors of SpyGate; relations that I assume will not fail to be brought to light.

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