German father kidnaps daughter to Dutch mother, Nice prosecutor's office does nothing

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A little girl is snatched from her mother in the middle of a pandemic and disappears into thin air. A story like any other if it were not that, in front of a conviction for violence and an escape with kidnapping attached, there is the attitude of a Prosecutor's Office that does not activate the international procedures to return the child to her mother. Welcome to France, where a mother has filed a complaint for violence after her ex-partner has given her 30 days of prognosis for injuries and has brought in Germany, his country of birth, the child had in common. Also in France, Sharmine's parent is the addressee of other complaints for violence on minors, which have not yet been confirmed. The Court of the Principality of Monaco, where the little Sharmine was born, in front of other complaints for violence, has subsequently referred the competence to Nice for territorial legitimacy, but the Public Prosecutor of Nice does not have an international arrest warrant. During the pandemic period, March 2020 precisely, after the denunciations of Sharmine's mother were unheard for the umpteenth time by the General Prosecutor of Nice, her father had the coldness to kidnap her and take her to Germany, her native country. And it is here that, in front of another complaint of the kidnapped child, the mother has come to know that the ex-partner has been denounced some time ago for violence by the first partner, not having among other things the parental authority on the first child. An even more interesting detail of the story from the legal point of view is that Sharmine has a Dutch passport because of her mother's origins and now the document is in the drawer of the house, kept by the mother and the child could not change country without taking it with her and not even get a possible citizenship. During these days, the mother of the little girl has launched a hashtag on social media #OuEstSharmine that has been accepted by a group of activists and has had a high visibility because of the shares, creating an international turmoil where the German police has been brought into the picture. Fortunately, after a year, thanks to the sensitivity of the German authorities who have worked to find the girl, the mother has learned that her little girl is still alive, but without a crime committed against the daughter and her mother in Alemannic territory, it is not possible to involve the German police. A story that could be resolved not so much to make one parent pay over another, but to give a daughter the opportunity to live the two parents. The mother declares that everything started when the father of the little girl reacted with violence to her refusal to continue the relationship, breaking up with him, giving rise to the beatings and the escape with kidnapping. However, the question is another: why then is the Prosecutor's Office of Nice not so diligent in restoring the family order and does not at least bother to let the mother and daughter separated for a year against their will meet? Moreover, why this laxity from France despite the fact that there are more legal disputes in progress in the head of the father of the little girl and despite the fact that the police of Menton has taken note, communicating it to the authorities in charge, of the sudden transfer, which has led to a real disappearance of father and daughter from circulation? The Attorney General of Nice is affected in the foreground by the controversy of these days, but it should be noted that he took over from his previous colleague known for having lied "with the excuse of not embarrassing Macron" by turning on more than one spotlight on the ordinary work of the Prosecutor's Office. In this case, as is the practice in the Italian judiciary, it happened that the Prosecutor was sent to Lyon without disciplinary proceedings, leaving media and jurists quite surprised. There is another detail that casts suspicion on the French judiciary that should deal with the case of little Sharmine. According to the woman, her husband has repeatedly warned her of his Masonic connections and here hovers the suspicion that there is someone, or something, that exerts pressure that tends to delay the request for international arrest. Even more singular is that the job of Sharmine's father is to supply tires for racing cars. A sector, that of racing, upset by the death of the pilot Laurent Pasquali at the hands of assassins hired by a network of Freemasons, with the aim of punishing with death those who did not pay their debts. What is the mother of little Sharmine asking without her daughter for several months? She appeals to the new prosecutor of Nice, Xavier Bonhomme, to follow up the work of the police. Too bad, however, that the only response had by the lawman, who took over in Nice to clean the image of justice, was to block on Twitter a mother seeking help. 

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